All we have to do is be ourselves

Photo of Ronald Braunstein on a bench

All we have to do is be ourselves I would like to send this message out to all my Me2/Orchestra friends. Thank you for last week’s rehearsal. I had been having […]

Creating a new community

Creating a new community Last weekend Ronald Braunstein (Me2/Orchestra Music Director) and I attended a recital at the University of Vermont. We arrived early and sat in the middle of a […]

What does music look like?

What does music look like? I have an interesting relationship with my cello. Compared to many musicians my age, I often feel like a “late bloomer”. Although there is some video […]

What does mental illness look like?

What does mental illness look like? Recently I received an email from a neighbor passing along some info from our condominium Board meeting. She ended the email by saying that she’d […]