A movement to celebrate the beauty of music in a spirit of inclusiveness.

Why We Play

Me2/ exists because we live in a world where people with mental illnesses are stigmatized and discriminated against. Our rehearsals and performances create opportunities for us to educate people about the realities of living with mental illnesses and support those who are seeking treatment. It’s a great way for musicians of all ages and ability levels to create social change.

What We Play

Our focus is on classical music, although we occasionally include music from other genres. We enjoy stripping away the elitism that surrounds most classical music performances. Our goal is to create an environment where people can really enjoy themselves. This can take place in an orchestra, a chorus, or a smaller ensemble like a flute choir.

Smiling cellists during a break in rehearsal
Me2 Orchestra performing in the Fuller Gym

Where We Play

Over the years we have rehearsed in places as varied as shopping malls, retirement homes, and community centers. We perform in traditional venues such as recital halls and churches, as well as non-traditional places including prisons, treatment centers, hospitals, and youth centers. We often find ourselves performing in gymnasiums, right under the basketball hoop.

What to Expect

Our performances include great music interspersed with compelling stories about life with mental illness. At a typical concert we might share some works by Beethoven and Haydn, as well as brief testimonials from musicians living with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or depression. Every performance includes a Q&A when the audience can ask us anything. Topics usually include music, mental health, and at least one question about the bassoon (‘that tall instrument’).

Do you want to play?

No auditions. No fees. No stigma. Join us and share your gifts in an inclusive, stigma-free ensemble – or start your own!